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Underfloor Heating

HARRISON HEATING SERVICES have many years experience in the installation of underfloor heating. Thus enabling you to heat your home or any part of your home without the use of radiators.

We are registered installers for Nu-Heat Underfloor heating and use their range of quality products to ensure complete satisfaction for you the customer. If you require more information regarding the installation of underfloor heating at your property or place of work please contact us where you will receive good sound advice regarding this type of heating.

"Just a note to thank you for your company's prompt and efficient installation of my new Warm Air Unit. The work was done quickly and efficiently, and your engineers were a pleasure to have around. I think they left the house cleaner than it was when they arrived, and the unit is (as far as I can tell in this continuing mild weather) operating exactly as it should."
Penelope A H

Power Flush

A Power Flush sends a special cleaning solution through your central heating system under high pressure, clearing the harmful sludge which builds up over time as a result of the reaction between water and steel radiators. Power Flush revitalises older central heating systems and is definitely worth the investment when installing a new boiler to maximise its performance.



Harrison Heating Services have many years of experience in all aspects of plumbing works, whether you require a plumber to install a new bathroom, where we can arrange the electrical works. Floor, walls and ceiling coverings, decorating and of course the installation of your bathroom suite to a very high standard or workmanship.

We are also happy to carry out any smaller plumbing works you may require around the house such as repair of leaks, the replacement and installation of showers, cylinders, tanks, taps, stopcocks and any other plumbing jobs you may require to be attended to.


Green Energy

Our company offers complete and professional installation of the solar collectors. They use renewable energy emitted by the sun. Solar heating systems capture the suns solar radiation to heat water.

Solar collector can be installed on Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, Walls, Ground/Free Standing


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